Beauty parties,fashionable love celebrities is in hand,bag made




Beauty parties,fashionable love celebrities is in hand,bag made

"JOHN LENNON (John? Lennon)",it is also possible to remove the after-dial portion to adjust the power to suit his eyesight,it has been designed that can be used to fit the lifestyle.(However reseat is not allowed dial) Release,it is scheduled for December 2012 in mid.Mechanism of adlens (Adorenzu)adlens (Adorenzu) is,I wrote that it can adjust the frequency yourself,what does this have become and what works.Biggest secret for frequency adjustment,is out of the liquid in the lens.This changes the volume of the liquid in the lens by turning the lens on the left and right sides of the lens.This refractive index is varied,it is becomes possible to vary the power.When changing the frequency is,turn the dial one by one,and frequency adjustment.Corresponds to hyperopia? Presbyopia from myopia,it is glasses available to anyone.
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This,the glasses do not choose the people to put,and have been estimated to be active in the scene,such as when people and disasters in developing countries,adlens POV (ad lens copy Oh Vee) of previous work and adlens emergensee (ad lens emergency) 2011 It has won the Good Design Award of the year.Not only glasses as an emergency for up to previous work,daily use is also possible designs,new work will be released this time "JOHN LENNON (John? Lennon)" would be a glasses with no loss to keep in check .Fashion? Beauty parties,fashionable love celebrities is in hand,bag made by collecting the pieces of the ***,ISSEY MIYAKE that have deployed BAOBAO (Issey Miyake).As can be seen from this bag,cloth,plastic,籘,paper,etc.,to pursue the possibility of any material,and the tradition that has been handed down by the craftsmen,by the coexistence of cutting-edge technology,new clothes that era sought It is a brand that has continued to propose.That Steve? Jobs also,in the one who had been attracted to the design and quality of height,he is black turtleneck is a trade mark those of ISSEY MIYAKE (Issey Miyake).
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