Ray-Ban,the frame,the masterpiece glasses: rb5154 Ray-Ban




Ray-Ban,the frame,the masterpiece glasses: rb5154 Ray-Ban

Jackson,Brad? Pitt,Madonna,such as Kate? Moss is famous.In Japan,we have Tamori,Takuya Kimura,Takeshi Furuya and many loyal is.The Ray-Ban the GIFT TIME,which is the most sold in the world,we offer at a reasonable price!English ban the barriers,glare as Ray-Ban Ray-Ban,called Ray,is the essence of sunglasses to block the glare of light.Ray-Ban,the Air Force,the user to give the maximum of vision protection,has been manufacturing inclined reflecting mirror sunglasses.In fact for a long time,the sunglasses of Ray-Ban is synonymous with the glare block.Ray-Ban sunglasses,
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was born from the pain of the US Air Force lieutenant.1923,driving lieutenant a small aircraft across the Atlantic Ocean,deep back-based,and even nausea,headache,dizziness side effects,I felt the pain caused by strong sunlight.Based on this,in 1930,Bausch & Lomb in order to maintain the sunglasses good clear vision of Ray-Ban has developed to absorb the most solar least heat dissipation.Ray-Ban,in addition to good protection function,

yeezy 350 boost colorsthe designer will design its shape in order to emphasize the style rough brave soldier sunglasses.Ray-Ban sunglasses,Harley-Davidson motorcycle,of American culture symbol and ZIPPO writer.English ban the barriers,glare as Ray-Ban Ray-Ban,called Ray,is the essence of sunglasses to block the glare of light.To wear Ray-Ban lens,in the first half of the 20th century,it is the taste of the biggest names in the entertainment industry - Gary Grant,Audrey Hepburn is its loyal.Wayfarer style white box,red box,black,tortoiseshell ......different Ray-Ban sunglasses,dress wearing civilian clothes,standing in the face of the Hollywood star,has appeared in a variety of situations .Sienna Miller,Olsen sisters,

Chaussures New Balance 574 FemmeKirsten Dunst,and has become the backbone of Ray-Ban.Ray-Ban,the frame,the masterpiece glasses: rb5154 Ray-Ban is,by the influx of people of love,glasses typical American style of the frame for a variety of opportunities to wear,a sophisticated atmosphere,glasses1835New York of people of German-Americans,Dr.John began in the business of import and optical products from Europe,the only business,long after,Dr.is not sunk in terribly close to bankruptcy.
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Thanks to good friend Henry Fallon,the company maintains,provides the company the funds of his last only $ 60,which is to survive,it helped us.Henry Fallon combined with John,with the company name,the name of the formal Bausch & Lomb.The United States to become the company's familiar name,since then,the carrier of the Bausch & Lomb until today,will be prosperity.One day,the United States Air Force lieutenant door visits the Bausch & Lomb.Lieutenant in the Air Force in 1923 is,and rich experience of flying,to drive the small aircraft across the Atlantic,had been famous.Practice of his flight,in deep back-based,feel the pain caused by strong sunlight,and even nausea,vomiting,headache,dizziness adverse reaction,the sunglasses that can pilot to absorb actually a lot of light I felt the need.Bausch & Lomb is the proposed Air Force lieutenant sunglasses,it began depending on the requirements of development.1930Eye successful pilot,green lens sunglasses,

Casquette New Era as well as glare,anti-UV,not only to prevent the visual aspects,in order to maintain a clear good vision,both,many Americans are pilot There is welcome,in order to protect the Air Force,the development's first deputy world "leader" naming1936Bausch & Lomb sunglasses were introduced to the general public,the average person is the initial sales,it indicates that there is no interest in the sunglasses of Ray-Ban.In this respect,Bausch & Lomb,not discouraged by their analysis,sunglasses Ray-Ban is again pushed into the market,made a few small changes.Contrary to the company's expectations,not only this slight modification of sunglasses Ray-Ban,the price soared,it has become one of the most popular hit a bestseller.
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